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The Wild Olive Andalucía is a traditional “Finca” Rural Hotel & Holiday Home, nestled above the legendary Spanish Costa del Sol and bordering the province of Cádiz on five hectares of lush, rolling hills with magnificent views. Just a short, eight-kilometer drive from the coast, we are the same short distance from the picturesque “pueblo blanco” of Casares. The Wild Olive is an eco-friendly accommodation: we’re "off-grid" and completely solar-powered. 


Our accommodation is most appreciated by visitors who want something a bit unique, off the beaten track and can revel in the simplicity and tranquility of nature.

On the lower level of our Finca is our B&B-style accommodation. The Farmhouse features three tranquil, Spanish colonial rooms, each specially designed and upgraded with contemporary touches for added comfort...a unique blend of pastoral tradition and modest amenities. Each room is available to rent separately per-night or The Farmhouse--entirely--for a larger gathering. 

Outside—“afuera”—our grounds are ripe for your relaxation or exploration. Lounge in the sun or find a shady nook to read. Take a dip in our pool overlooking the wild fields. Wherever you might choose to roam on the property, you cannot help but be captivated by the natural serenity of our rural setting--an orchard with countless fruit and citrus trees, surprise visits from resident creatures and exotic vegetation native to Spain. 

Once you’ve enjoyed a healthy dose of Wild Olive serenity, you can find all the atmospheric bustle you might desire a few minutes from our property. Take a short drive to the whitewashed village of Casares for some authentic local engagement in the tiny village's main square or head to the beautiful sandy beaches along the coast for sun, surf, and cervezas. 


Come and  experience everything that southern Spain has to offer, disconnect a bit and call The Wild Olive 'Home' for your next adventure. 



The Wild Olive Andalucía was founded in 2020. A small boutique hotel along the Mediterranean has been a long-time dream for us.

Wilco, a Rotterdam, Netherlands native has a background in commercial property management, hospitality & a world-travel knowledge that is hard to beat. Erin, originally from Arizona, USA worked as a fashion designer in Los Angeles for 12 years. Combining our shared love for travel, adventure and the great outdoors, we drummed up a dream to run a small guest house where we could live a slower-paced life, enjoy nature more, with the privilege to welcome like-minded people from around the world. The thing we remember most about all of our travels are the people we met along the way... 


In March, 2019, we left the U.S. to embark on a long vacation but also a search to plant our roots for our next home and business. From Israel, Jordan, Greece, the Philippines, to Portugal and many more countries traveled, we settled in Sunny Southern Spain. We hope to provide our guests with a "wow" moment when they drive through our Spanish Finca gates and then to be relaxed, comfortable and happy during their stay at The Wild Olive.

We meet and interact with all of our guests. When you visit, you will most likely see Wilco working outdoors shadowed by our rescue dog, Oscar, as his trusting colleague. Erin will meet and greet you. When we are not "working", you can expect to find us cooking, crafting something new for the farmhouse, hiking one of our favorite trails or sipping some cervezas at a local chiringuito. 

Wilco, Oscar and Erin at The Wild Olive_edited_edited.jpg


The Wild Olive is completely "off-the-grid." This means that we are not hooked up to a central electrical system as you would be in a larger town or city.  The Finca is entirely powered by solar energy. The water supply of the entire property also comes from our own well. 


Not only do we practice, but we depend on conservation for energy and water every day and we ask that our guests be conscious of it as well during their stay. If this is a new concept to you, The Wild Olive is a great place to discover and learn about this important method. 


Throughout the property and depending on the season, you will find avocado, fig, almond, walnut, pomegranate, loquat, never-ending citrus trees wild herbs and, naturally, olives. Our devoted land care-taker, Salvador, also tends to his chicken coop and to his vast vegetable garden next to The Farmhouse. He generously shares the natural and organic fruits of his labor with us and many guests who visit. 

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