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The Wild Olive, in its uniquely semi-remote location, is completely "off-the-grid." This means that we are not hooked up to a central electrical system as you would be in a larger town or city.  The Finca is entirely powered by solar energy. While this technology is pretty incredible, it means that there are indeed limits to it--like on multiply cloudy days--although these are rare!


With certain limitations and our environmental mission, we are not equipped with heavy electrical appliances such as air-conditioning units and central heating. In the cold months, heating is necessary so there are energy efficient pellet heaters in 3 out of the 4 rooms as well as the main lounge area. Due to it's smaller size, the Agave room has an alternative heat source. Guest rooms are all supplied with fans for the warm periods. 


We practice conservation for energy and power every day and we ask that our guests be conscious of it as well during their stay.  This means using water (especially hot water) responsibly and simple habits like turning off any appliances and lights when not in use. And, hey, if this is a new concept to you, The Wild Olive is a great place to discover and learn about this important step in conserving our planet. P.S. don't worry, we still have WiFi! 



We have made it a hobby and an effort to re-use, recycle and upcycle in our daily personal & business life. The Finca is decorated with several antique furnishings, some more than a century old. We are lucky enough to have inherited these pieces and keep them as a token of the Finca's history. There are several other small bits of things you will see on the Finca property that we have given some love and a new purpose as well as hand-built items sourced from natural materials. We hope that you find that although these details may have some "imperfections" they are a quirky addition to its character and make your surroundings feel a little more special. 


The Wild Olive has even more to offer for visitors with an appetite. Throughout the property and depending on the season, you will find avocado, fig, almond, walnut, pomegranate, loquat, never-ending citrus trees wild herbs and, naturally, olives. You will also notice that we have a huge vegetable garden. It is cared for by our devoted gardener and amigo, Salvador who was actually born and grew up on the Finca. He is a master at tending to the heaps of delicious fresh produce and the vegetation of the entire Finca.  

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